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helix Micro rebar

Helix Micro Steel - Micro Rebar - Concrete Reinforcement ProductsHelix, simply put, is a replacement for rebar.

In any application, from structural foundations, to slabs, to suspended structural concrete, to paving, Helix will increase the strength and durability of concrete.

A simple idea hatched from examining the difference between a screw and a nail has allowed Helix to offer the construction industry unprecedented performance and economy. What was not possible before, complete rebar replacement, is possible with Helix.

The performance of standard concrete reinforcement is governed by friction. Concrete must crack and the rebar begin to slip before it can engage and carry any load. Rebar is deformed to increase the friction between the rebar and concrete to reduce slippage once it starts.

Helix, on the other hand cannot slip out of the concrete. It must untwist. The video below shows Helix actually untwisting as it's pulled out of a block of concrete.

Replacing rebar or mesh with Helix has many quantifiable benefits:

  • Improved crack resistance
  • Increased durability
  • Improved shear strength

In short, Helix is a better way to reinforce concrete.  

Evaluation Report for IBC and IRC Accreditation to ISO Guide 65 in compliance with ACI 318 as a Certified Alternative to Steel Rebar and Wire Mesh in Vertical Walls and Floor Slabs for Helix Micro-RebarHelix Awarded IBC and IRC Accreditation to ISO Guide 65 and as per ACI 318 as a Certified Alternative to Steel Rebar and Wire Mesh in Vertical Wall Applications

Helix is proud to announce that Evaluation Report 0279 report accredits Helix Micro-Rebar 5-25 and its design method under ISO Guide 65 and in accordance with IBC and IRC ACI 318 for use as an alternative to conventional rebar and wire mesh reinforcement in concrete slabs and walls.

This is significant for the use of reinforced concrete in construction projects as Helix Micro-Rebar 5-25 is the only discontinuous concrete reinforcement product in the world that now has a ISO certified design manual that can be followed to design vertical applications (such as walls) with Helix as the primary concrete reinforcement compliant with IBC, IRC and ACI 318 requirements.

View the details of the Evaluation Report for IBC and IRC Accreditation to ISO Guide 65 in compliance with ACI 318 as a Certified Alternative to Steel Rebar and Wire Mesh in Vertical Walls and Floor Slabs for Helix Micro-Rebar by clicking here.

Helix Steel Micro Rebar Concrete Reinforcement Twist DetailsTop 10 Reasons to Design with Helix Micro Rebar vs. Rebar/Mesh:

1. Helix Eliminates Placing Errors. Helix avoids placement errors since it is distributed throughout the concrete matrix. Traditional reinforcement's effective strength is decreased by up to 50% when misplaced. Placing chairs, and their potential for weakening the concrete, are also eliminated. 

2. Helix Provides a 40% Plus Stronger Concrete Section. Helix is a multidirectional reinforcement that increases shear strength and decreases the need for stirrups. 

3. Helix Allows the Concrete to Absorb 200% Plus More Energy. Helix adds durability and impact resistance to the concrete which is excellent for heavy loads and seismic events. 

4. Helix has Excellent Crack Control Properties. Helix is designed to keep cracks tight and short when they develop allowing the concrete to micro crack but not develop a large, dominate crack. 

5. Helix is a Safer, Discontinuous Reinforcement System. Helix does not allow for a complete failure of the system due to corrosion; unlike traditional reinforcement which is continuous and electrically connected. 

6. Helix Helps Increase Worksite Safety. Helix reduces injuries due to cuts (placing), strains (lifting) and tripping/falling (maneuvering through the grid) traditionally associated with rebar/mesh. 

7. Helix is Electroplated with Zinc. Helix has been tested in de-icing agents to resist rusting 3 times longer than standard rebar/mesh that has no coating. 

8. Helix Significantly Reduces Construction Time. Helix reduces construction time by eliminating laying, tying, and inspections and in most cases can eliminate the need for pumping and void development in highly congested steel locations. 

9. Helix Reduces Reinforcing Costs by at Least 20%. Helix eliminates the labor associated with rebar/mesh placement along with reduction of scrap, chairs and overlap splicing steel. 

10. Helix Can Help Achieve LEED Goals. Helix is made from 50% recycled steel and less overall weight of steel is used thus the emissions of trucks, forklifts and cranes are greatly reduced.

How Helix Works:

Helix Micro Steel - Micro Rebar - How Helix Works

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